Frontend of DEX with liquidity pools, Stage 1


Create a frontend of DEX with liquidity pools for TON Blockchain

  1. In this stage, you need to create a working UI. Asynchronous calls to smart contracts must be mocked-up.
  2. We require a UI for exchanging one token for another token, a UI for creating a pool with two tokens, a UI for adding and removing liquidity from a pool, a UI with a list of pools and pool statistics.
  3. You can explore services like Uniswap and Pancake.
  4. You must use the Typescript+React+Redux stack.
  5. Extra dependencies and extra code are not welcome.
  6. You can't use the idea of just copying the entire open-source Uniswap code - there is a lot of unnecessary code there.
  7. When considering the design options, you can focus on the site, UI of standard wallets and bridge. You may find the brand assets page helpful.
  8. We deliberately did not give ready-made references so that you have the opportunity to rethink some things in using such services.
  9. Evaluation priorities: understandability of the code and the possibility of its further support, general correctness and speed of the application and attention to detail.

The 4 pages in the header have the following requirements implemented; please navigate through them to see the mock pages. For technical details please check our
GitHub Repository